The Three C's of Life: Choices, Chances and... Chicken?

The time, money, research and effort that goes into starting a business can be overwhelming to say the least. However, real success often comes when you think outside the box and begin to take risks! Along with risks, there is a great margin for failure. However, if you're not willing to take a risk and fail, you could miss out on an amazing opportunity to succeed!

Corporate Farms

What is a corporate farm and how is it different from a family farm? Is there a difference at all? The answer may surprise you.

Higher Quality Grasses for Delicious Grass-Fed Steak

This post tells a little about what goes into producing grass-fed beef through the eyes of an agronomist, namely Keenen Taylor of Genesis Crop Solutions. It explains why it is important to have healthy soils and how that translates into healthy delicious food for people to feed their families.