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General FAQ

What is special about your grassfed beef?

Grassfed - Our cattle are never fed GMO corn or any other grains. They are fed a high-quality forage diet consisting of grasses, legumes, brassicas, and forbs. Our program and label were approved by the Food Safety and Inspection Service of the United States Department of Agriculture. We are Certified Grassfed through A Greener World.

Hormone-free - Our cattle are never given artificial growth hormones or steroids for any reason. They grow well naturally due to excellent genetic and environmental factors. 

Antibiotic-free - Our market beef cattle have never been given antibiotics. If an animal becomes sick and requires antibiotics for its survival, it is identified and removed from our program to be sold to the commercial market. Our label means no antibiotics were given to the animal during its life - it was naturally healthy.

Family Farm-raised - Our cattle are raised from birth on our farm - not shipped to or from another farmThis allows us to ensure the quality and well-being of our cattle and the quality of our beef.

How does shipping work?

Direct shipping is available across the continental United States which provides great value and convenience for people with a busy lifestyle. Shipping for the two-day ground is $29.99, which is available in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Iowa. This charge helps us to cover the packaging and freight. All remaining states have available shipping via air shipping for $79.99. We use highly specialized liners that allow the beef to remain cold or even frozen during shipping. FREE shipping is available on orders of $300.00 or more on the two-day ground and two-day air orders. 

Additionally, pickup is available from our farms, free of charge. Please contact us if you have any questions and we will do our best to take good care of you!

Why is grass-fed beef better?

Grassfed beef is typically a leaner beef. Grassfed contains more vitamins than grain-fed and tends to be richer in antioxidants. Our cattle are pasture-raised on natural grasses right on our family farm to ensure their health and happiness. If you would like to know more about the differences between grassfed and grain-fed beef, Healthline has produced a very informative article.

Where are you located?

We are located in Grant County in North Central Oklahoma. The closest town (not even 100 people!) is Deer Creek, OK. Grant County is rich in farmland and has more acres in agriculture than people in the entire county. David and Amy are both Oklahoma natives. Dave was raised on his family farm in Grant County. Amy is from Payne County and grew up in city life with country roots. Read more about their story, here.

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