Grassfed Beef

I love, love, love my ground beef! You can tell how fresh it is by the taste, nothing compares! The check out process went smoothly and the shipping time was way sooner than I expected! I was especially impressed by the fact that the meat was still frozen when I received it. Thank you for opening your family farm to us! I’m looking forward to being a long time customer.
Sydney Hanzelka (Richmond, TX)
I made burgers the other night and usually I put a bunch of seasoning and Worcestershire sauce in our burgers, but this time I just put a tiny bit of salt and pepper and the meat spoke for itself. Absolutely amazing!
Hilary Anders (Ponca City, OK)
We needed well sourced ground beef in a pinch for a huge event I was hosting. I loved the variety and prices Bachman Farms offered for the quality. Even better- they were extremely accommodating to help me get everything in time for my event! Looking forward to shopping again from this farm in the future!
Lindsay Tuttle (Golden, CO)
The ground beef is amazing! We loved the rich flavor of beef. We will definitely be placing another order for ground beef. Thank you, Bachman Family Farms!
Rose Moyer (Deer Creek, OK)
Truly a blessing to have this ranch locally! Purchased grass fed beef from them, outstanding!!! Good Christian family, providing service to locals! Thank you!!
Greg Miller (Alva, OK)
I tried the ground beef, and it tastes so good! The so-called "grass-fed" beef sold in the stores just can't match your family's beef. I'll definitely buy more in the near future.
Lisa Hodson, M.Ed. (Edmond, OK)
We found this family back in March, we were looking for a farm that sold Grass Fed Beef! Boy did we hit the jackpot🎉 This is hands down the best beef ever‼️ Cute little family on their farm with their two sons~ We love you Bachman Family!!
Kim Jennings (Tulsa, OK)
Bachman Family Farms is THEE place to source local, grass-fed, grass-finished beef. I say local, but I believe they ship nationwide + if we ever move, we will be doing just that. See, grass-fed/finished beef with zero antibiotics/hormones is extremely important to me, BUT NOT to my husband. He actually hates it because he thinks it tastes watered down/lacks flavor. Bachman Family Farms beef however, is the first of its kind that my husband FULLY approves and I think it’s because they dry age their beef and rotate their cattle through several different kinds of grass. It’s care you get with a small operation that you lose out on in big box stores. So, 5 stars for this husband approved family farm!
Tasha Tindall - Edmond, OK