Oklahoma Grassfed Beef

Cow in a field

Are you looking to buy grassfed beef in Oklahoma? Do you also want to support a small, family-owned business? Then look no further—Bachman Family Farms is an Oklahoma-based farm that specializes in selling pasture-raised, grassfed beef. 2022 was an exciting year for our farm, as we were featured at the 2022 PGA Championship in Southern Hills and finalists for Oklahoma's Best Beef Competition at the National Oklahoma Stockyards.

At Bachman Family Farms, we care about our customers, so we want them to have the best beef possible. We are proud to say that we sell grassfed meat. As a small business, we have the advantage of adding a personal touch and extra care to your beef of choice. We have various cuts of meat that include hamburgers, steaks, ribeye, filet mignon, t-bone, KC Strip, and sirloin. No matter how you decide to prepare your beef, it is guaranteed to be delicious!

When you purchase meat from our small business, you are supporting our family and all of the hard work we have put into our farm and beef. The farm has been in the family for generations. We want to treat you like family and share our delicious grass-fed beef with you.

You do not have to be from Oklahoma to enjoy our meats because we offer grassfed beef delivery. For a great value on our meat, check out our beef boxes. You can qualify for 2-day free shipping on orders over $400.

In addition to producing beef with no added hormones, we also sell Bachman Family Farms merchandise. When you wear our apparel, you are promoting our farm and Oklahoma. So, thank you for all your support; we really appreciate it.

Browse our website to learn more about our Oklahoma roots. The first step is to create an account; then, you can start enjoying our Oklahoma grassfed beef.

Please, contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We are happy to answer all your questions and look forward to doing business with you.

Support your local family farm and buy your beef at Bachman Family Farms. Enjoy!