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The Imbalance in the Beef Industry

Four major companies in the beef industry are raking in record profits, while the consumer is overcharged, and the ranchers are underpaid. In recent years, we've seen just how dependent the country is on these four large meat packers. Unfortunately, this is nothing new, and our ranchers have been fighting this battle for far too long, in hopes of keeping their family legacies alive.

4 Simple and Delicious Marinades to Try

Are you looking for a new marinade packed with flavor to try on your grass-fed steaks? Maybe, you're wanting to simplify your marinade with as little ingredients as possible, but not skimp on flavor. Look no further, we have some great marinade recipes that are sure to please!

Five Things You Didn't Know About Grass-fed Beef

If you're still on the fence about trying grass-fed beef or would just like to know more about why it's a great option for your health; check out the following blog post. I have picked 5 interesting facts about grass-fed meat that you might not have already known.

Why You Should Choose Pasture Raised Chicken

Find out why Pasture Raised Chicken is not only more humane for the chicken itself, but also very beneficial for the environment as well as the consumer. Bachman Family Farms has gone above and beyond to provide you with juicy, flavorful chicken that is good for your health as well!