Grass-fed beef shipping. This page includes frequently asked questions about shipping, logistics, and scheduling. This is information you may want to know about what the process is like to receive our products.Please let us know of ways we can improve this page as well as our process by asking us questions.

Logistics FAQ

Shipping, Schedules and Logistics

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When do you ship? (Shipping Schedule)

The daily cutoff is 10:00 AM CST on shipping days. In special cases, we may be able to get a shipment out after this; contact us by phone, social media, or email to see if this option is available.

Our normal shipping schedule is every Monday and Tuesday except for changes for holidays. Additionally, shipments to Oklahoma and immediately adjacent states are sent out as late as Wednesday every week. Please make arrangements for pick up of highly perishable products if you will be out of town. Orders received after the cutoff will be shipped the following Monday. This is subject to change during November and December when shipping volume is higher and carrier availability may be time limited.

Scheduling pre-orders for a half beef depends on availability. Generally speaking, you will be contacted directly to coordinate and schedule logistics for a half beef. Regular orders can be picked up at the farm by appointment.

How does the meat stay fresh?

Our meat is packed while frozen to about 5 degrees Fahrenheit. It is packed with frozen CO2 or dry ice to maintain the temperature during shipping. The meat and ice are packed into a box along with a special insulating liner that maintains the meat for up to a few days. Once the meat, ice, and a thank you note are packed by hand, the boxes are closed and sealed with shipping tape to be as sealed as possible.

How does shipping work?

Direct shipping is available across the continental United States which provides great value and convenience for people with a busy lifestyle. Shipping two-day ground is $39.99, which is available in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Iowa. This charge helps us to cover the packaging and freight. All remaining lower 48 states have available shipping via two-day air shipping for $99.99. We use highly specialized liners that allow the beef to remain cold or frozen during shipping.

FREE shipping is available on orders of $400.00 or more on two-day ground and two-day air orders. This excludes half-beef and whole-beef orders. We also have a Free Shipping Collection with premade beef boxes on our website. Click HERE for Free Shipping Collection. Additional beef of your choice can be added to your Free Shipping Collection box.

Additionally, pickup is available from our farm, free of charge. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions and we will do our best to take good care of you!

Where is Bachman Family Farms located?

We are located in North Central Oklahoma, about an hour and a half north of Oklahoma City, an hour south of Wichita, and two hours west of Tulsa. To be more precise, our home and the farm headquarters are a mile north of the small town of Deer Creek, OK, which has a population of around 75 people as of the most recent census. The farm is located on the mixed-grass prairie in the central plains portion of the Great Plains. It is in Grant County, Oklahoma which and close to the Kansas border. Grant County has historically been the top county in Oklahoma for wheat production. This gives the farm the opportunity to graze dual-purpose wheat pasture which allows the unique ability to graze cattle on excellent forage year around in most cases.

David and Amy are both Oklahoma natives. Dave was raised on his family farm in Grant County. Amy is from Payne County and grew up in city life with country roots. Read more about their story, here.

Our beef can be picked up per request on our farm. It is also available at the Conscious Community Co-op in Edmond, OK, Salt & Soul Market in Coweta, OK, and Boxed Arrow Farms in Whitesboro, TX.