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Welcome to Bachman Family Farms!

We are a small, family farm located in north-central Oklahoma that is operated by David and Amy Bachman. Our time is spent planting and harvesting crops, as well as raising grass-fed beef for families around the country. The ground we farm today is in the same area that our family staked claim to seven generations earlier in the Oklahoma land run. Over 100 years later it still offers the same family values and way of life that it did all those years ago.

Bachman Family Farms believes in hard work and stewardship of our land along with its plants and animals. In all of our operations, we strive for continual improvement, that we might someday be an enduring great farm. We are a messy, loyal, imperfect, and loving family that has mostly boys and are excited to share our story as we do life the best way we know how.

Our Core Values

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God - We believe that he is the creator of all things. It is important that we operate in a way that pleases him. He gives us direction through his Word.

Integrity - Do the right thing even when no one is looking. Saying “yes” is a contract.

Family - Family and relationships are more important than things.

Hard Work - Hard work is important. It gives us satisfaction in what we do and is critical for success. A hard-working person is respected.

Stewardship - We have been charged with stewardship of the earth and everything in it. We are to take care of what we temporarily have and give out its abundance.

Feeding the Hungry - We are not inherently better than others. Everything we have we have been given, even our talents and abilities. Feeding and clothing people is work worth doing.

Our Story

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David and Amy were 11 years and two boys into marriage and life together on the farm when they decided to expand their operations to include selling beef directly to consumers. Amy, having grown up in a city and spending years as a school teacher, brings a caring and compassionate perspective. David is one of four brothers that grew up farming and has experience in finance that fosters stewardship and responsibility as they pursue their dreams. The two like to travel, go out to eat, go to movies, hang out with friends, and enjoy relaxing with popcorn and TV.  Edmond is their firstborn and quite the passionate adventurer. Isaac is the baby of the family and has a gentle, yet feisty spirit. This little family of four lives country life to its fullest and loves serving families far and near as food producers.

The homestead recently celebrated its 100th anniversary and six generations have now lived in the big white farmhouse since Edmond and Isaac were born.  The farmhouse was built by Albert Bachman and his son, Merble, beginning in 1919, then added onto by Edwin Bachman in the 1950s. The home was passed on to Don Bachman who raised David and his three brothers (Brian, Colby, and Barry) on the farm as well. Management of the farm was transitioned to David as Don retired in 2019 and moved into a role that allows him the freedom to travel and relax. 

Today Bachman Family Farms stands on the same ground they have for generations while setting out on this new adventure of bringing grass-fed beef raised in their own pastures to families around the country.