What is Grassfed?

Shopping for products that meet your values and expectations is not easy. With a little time and resources from trusted sources like us, you can learn how to decipher confusing food labels. In a recent blog post, we explored the meaning of “pasture-raised,” and provided guidance on how you can be assured that products you purchase come from animals that were raised outdoors on pasture and range.


Some people may not understand why anyone would want to farm and ranch. Farming and ranching are not the easiest lifestyles. The reasons have to do with the love of the land and the calling to be stewards of the land and feed the world. Fulfilling these roles makes it all worth it.

The Change in the Beef Industry

While 2020 will certainly be a year that stands out in all our memories, as an elder member of Bachman Family Farms I can speak to many of the changes we have seen over the years. I have been a farmer for over 40 years, and within that time, have seen many changes in the meat industry. I have seen the beef industry evolve from the giant breeds of cattle in the 1970’s that produced 1,500 pound animals to a more efficient, earlier maturing breed that produces a marbled, finished product at 1,200 - 1,300 pounds today...