Why You Should Choose Pasture Raised Chicken

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Blaine Ward

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December 29, 2022

Written by: Blaine Ward / Marketing Team and Blogger

Odds are you have heard the term Pasture Raised Chicken before.  However, you may not have heard all the benefits of choosing Pasture Raised Chicken.  Often, we overlook food labels, only to focus our attention on the price of the product.  As I’ve mentioned before in previous blogs, our health may suffer in the long run if we only focus on the price of our food instead of the quality.  Pasture Raised Chicken is a product you want to invest in for more reasons than one. 

What is Pasture Raised Chicken? 

To put it simply, Pasture Raised Chicken is chicken that has been raised on pasture.  Chickens raised on fresh pasture can forage as nature intended with bugs, grains, grass, and legumes all underneath one big, beautiful, blue sky! With room to move, they have plenty of opportunities to explore and scratch in the morning sun.  Another benefit of raising Pasture Raised Chicken is the improvement of soil health.  The chicken manure enriches the soil and prevents diseased pastures.  Not only, is Pasture Raised Chicken beneficial for the soil, but it's also very beneficial to our health. Research has shown that pasture raised chicken is 2.3 times higher in heart-healthy omega-3 fats and 90% lower in inflammatory omega-6 fats than their commercially raised counterparts. In other words, healthier chicken makes for healthier people. 

The Pros of Choosing Pasture Raised Chicken. 

Bachman Family Farms has always made transparency a priority. Their pasture raised chicken has no added hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. Take peace of mind knowing that you are serving your family healthy pasture raised chicken full of omega-3 fats and vitamins. Bachman Family Farms takes pride in being a business you can trust! They follow extremely high standards in order to ensure that the food they provide has a positive impact on the environment, society, as well as animals. As if that wasn't enough incentive to buy from Bachman Family Farms, they also make buying pasture raised chicken easy and convenient. Just a few clicks of the keyboard and you are on your way to receiving delicious chicken straight from their farm to your front door!

For the Good of the Chicken, the Environment, and You. 

When you purchase Pasture Raised Chicken from Bachman Family Farms, you can appreciate that the chicken was raised on fresh pasture, able to move freely, and eat in nature as intended.  Not only are the chickens benefiting from this way of life, but also the health of the soil.  One of the many blessings of being a farmer and rancher is getting to watch first-hand how their work is benefiting the animal, the environment, and the consumer.  With as much time, work, and consideration as Bachman Family Farms has put into their grass-fed beef, it should come as no surprise that the same has been done with their Pasture Raised Chicken.  Quality, flavor, and care will always be among their most important priorities! 

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