Food at Your Fingertips

August 12, 2022

Written by:  Blaine Ward 

Marketing Team / Blogger 


Quick and Easy

In today’s world, people want simplicity, accessibility, and immediacy.  For example, I am a mother of two very active kids.  My son, who is a freshman in high school; competes in football, wrestling and track, and is also involved in FFA and band.  My daughter, a seventh grader; participates in cross country, softball, basketball and track, as well as band and vocal.  In other words, we are extremely busy and the simple things in life, such as eating dinner before 8 o’clock, and having an actual social life are rare luxuries. With all of the sports and extra-curricular activities my kids are a part of, my husband and I always seem to be on the run.  So, when you take into account the time my husband and I spend rushing after work to and from our kids' events; it should come as no surprise that “quick and easy” are high on the list for our dinner options.   We have spent many evenings flying through the nearest Braums or Chick-fil-a, in hopes of getting their bellies full before they crash in the backseat.  It’s easy and it’s quick, but it’s not always healthy. 

Food Proximity

This brings me to the topic of food proximity.  There have been many studies on the idea, that if a certain food item, grocery store, or restaurant is in close proximity, you’re more likely to choose it.  Personally, I have found this theory to be very true.  I live out in the country and have to take into consideration, the extra time it takes to get to town as well as the amount of gas I’m using to get to the nearest grocery store.  My time and my money are valuable to me and play a big factor in the places I choose to shop.  Unfortunately, the quality of food that is in closest proximity to me can’t always compete with the quality of some competitors, if I were to drive further.  Although I believe it’s important to eat healthy, sometimes I choose the unhealthier option, because of the close proximity.   


Accessibility of Online Shopping 

In America, obesity is an epidemic, and one could argue that the invention of fast-food chains is partly to blame.  Our need for immediacy has taken a catastrophic toll on our health.  The good news is, we are now seeing more restaurants adding healthier options to their menus and making it more accessible by offering pick up or delivery.  Since the covid-19 epidemic, grocery store pick-up and delivery have become a hot commodity.  Food is now at your fingertips, when you order your groceries online. Not only can you avoid large gatherings of people through online shopping, but you’re also more likely to only buy what’s on your list; in comparison to if you were shopping in the store.  This can aide in saving you money, time, and making healthier options.  Let’s not forget the convenience of just being able to do it all from home or your phone on the go! 


 Simple, Accessible, Quality Beef 

 With the epidemic of covid-19, ranchers and farmers saw the need for making beef more accessible.  Large beef processing plants couldn’t keep up with the demands of the market, as they struggled to stay fully staffed while employees suffered illness due to the epidemic.  Thanks to the advances in technology, more and more ranchers are finding that processing their own beef, is not only possible but also highly marketable.  A lot of people are looking for a simple, and accessible way to buy beef.  Possibly, one of the best parts, is that you don’t have to settle when it comes to quality.  Customers are becoming increasingly more aware of what goes into producing their beef.  With a few strokes of the keyboard, you can find several options for quality beef sold online and shipped directly to your house.  Bachman Family Farms is a great example of quality beef, with the added bonus of being grass-fed for those consumers, who are interested in added health benefits.  With the ability to ship anywhere in the U.S., Bachman Family Farms takes the guess work out of trying to find beef within close proximity.  You can now enjoy the simplicity, accessibility and immediacy of buying quality beef with just the click of a button. 

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