The Price You Pay to Eat Healthy

written by

Blaine Ward

posted on

October 1, 2022

Written by Blaine Ward: Marketing Team / Blogger

I Want to Eat Healthy, but it's so Expensive

It’s the weekend and you’re writing your grocery list to meal prep for the following week.  As you start calculating the cost, you think to yourself, “Why must healthy food, be so expensive?”  While it’s important for you to buy fresh produce and real food, other factors come into play, such as your checkbook.  Even though grass-fed beef has many great nutritional benefits, such as less saturated fat and more omega-3 fatty acids, it tends to have a higher price tag.  How can we validate spending more money on food, when we are already on a tight budget? 

Save Money in the Long Run

By choosing healthier food items, you may actually be saving money in the long run.  The American Heart Association published an article on this very topic.  Through their research they found that people try to cut costs by choosing low quality foods, only to end up spending more money on medical bills in the long run.  It was also noted that the annual cost of cardiometabolic diseases caused by poor diet is about $300 per person or $50 billion nationally!  A poor diet accounted for 18% of all heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes costs in the US.  Care for a person with diabetes costs an average of $16,752 each year.  In 2019, a study found that if US adults followed a healthy diet, the cost savings could reach 88.2 billion!  So not only are you providing your body with the nutrients it needs by choosing healthier foods, but you’re also saving money in the long run.  It’s a win-win! 

How to Cut Costs Now

I realize that even though we can save money in the long run, it can still be hard to spend the extra money it costs to buy the higher end steaks such as ribeye or filet.  One way to spend less and still stay health conscious is by choosing grass-fed ground beef.  There are so many delicious, healthy, recipes available that can be prepared with grass-fed ground beef.  Bachman Family Farms offers a variety of grass-fed beef such as 90/10, 80/20, 70/30, and primal.  With these options, you can still enjoy great flavor at a reasonable price. You’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat.”  So why not make healthier choices that are not only going to benefit you physically but also save you money in the long run financially?  Let Bachman Family Farms provide you with high quality grass-fed beef that will bless you and your family in more ways than one! 

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