What is Animal Welfare Certified Meat? What You Need to Know.

written by

Blaine Ward

posted on

October 19, 2022

Written by Blaine Ward: Marketing Team / Blogger

If you’ve ever purchased beef from Bachman Family Farms, then you may have noticed from their label that they are Animal Welfare Approved.   Knowing the criteria it takes to have this certification will help you better understand the time, attention, and care it takes to provide the consumer with quality grass-fed beef.  Bachman Family Farms has gone the extra mile to make sure this rigorous criterion has been met in order to give their consumers grass-fed beef that has been held to some of the highest standards. 

A Greener World's Mission

Bachman Family Farm’s grass-fed beef has been Animal Welfare Approved, by A Greener World.  A Greener World is a reputable company that provides transparency in food production straight from the farm to your plate.  They were established in 2014 and their mission has four key components:   

  1. To identify and promote agricultural systems that have a positive impact on the environment, society, and animals.   
  2. To educate consumers about the environmental, social, and animal outcomes of their food purchasing decisions. 
  3. To establish and promote trusted farm certification programs that help reconnect the consumer and food producer by encouraging and rewarding positive farm management changes. 
  4. To support independent farmers who are committed to sustainable livestock production. 

What are the Criteria for Becoming Animal Welfare Approved?

When it came to meeting the criteria for becoming Animal Welfare Approved, Bachman Family Farms cut no corners.  Animals must be raised on pasture. Small cages and close confinement that prevent animals from moving freely are prohibited.  All animals live under conditions that allow them to engage in their natural behaviors, such as cattle being able to graze and chickens being able to scratch and peck.  Painful procedures such as beak trimming and tail docking are not permitted.  Growth promotion drugs such as hormones and beta-agonists are prohibited.  Antibiotics can be used to treat illness but using them for disease prevention is not allowed. With this criterion in place, consumers get complete transparency about the product they are buying. 

Being Held to a Higher Standard

Bachman Family Farms guarantees that their cattle are raised on pasture on an independent farm that does not use dual production.  The farm even undergoes a yearly in-person audit by A Greener World.  You can rest assured that their beef has no added hormones of steroids.  Having this certification holds Bachman Family Farms to a higher standard, and that means benefits for all.  Having an understanding that the way we farm, the nutritional quality of meat, and the impact of farming systems, are all connected, is essential. The legwork has already been done for you. Now all you have to decide is whether or not you want to take part in a greener solution. 


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