New Product for a Limited Time Only!

written by

Blaine Ward

posted on

November 7, 2023

We are so excited to be offering Lamb for a limited time only!  We are partnering with Jonker and Sons in the upcoming months to offer Pasture-raised Lamb for the holidays.  Jonker and Sons is owned by Jaco (pronounced “Yaw-ko”) and Claudette Jonker, of Deer Creek, Oklahoma.  Jaco is our farm operations supervisor, but he also has his own sheep herd since he grew up raising sheep in South Africa.  This is a high-quality, pasture-raised product that will be a great addition for the holidays. 

Why Lamb? 

You may be asking yourself, “Why lamb?”  Lamb is known for being a more tender meat, as well as having great flavor.  It’s important to note the difference between lamb and mutton.  Lamb is younger than a year old, whereas mutton is over a year old.  Lamb is known for being extremely tender and having a milder flavor compared to mutton.  Some typical cuts of lamb are shoulder roast, rack, loin chops, and leg of lamb.  Probably the three most common methods for cooking lamb are grilling, braising, and roasting. 

That’s just the beginning, lamb also has great nutritional value!  Lamb is a nutrient-dense food, high in protein, vitamins and essential minerals.  It is very high in Omega-3 as well as being a great source of B vitamins.  Lamb contains high amounts of L-Carsonine that could help protect against cardiovascular disease.  It is a great source of protein, containing every amino acid.  Lamb also contains a surprising amount of Omega-3 fatty acids.  Omega-3 fatty acids are significant in that they have an anti-inflammatory effect.  Lamb is also a great source of Heme Iron, which can be very beneficial for those battling anemia. 

History and Tradition 

Sheep can handle different terrain such as pastures or mountains.  Throughout history, we have seen sheep used for fleece, milk, and meat.  Besides its most common uses, lamb is also known for being very symbolic.  Christians, Jews, and Muslims all celebrate holidays such as Easter, Passover, and Ramadan where lamb is served and enjoyed around the table.  There are so many reasons why lamb would be a great addition to your diet.  Whether it's flavor, nutrition, or part of tradition; we hope that it will give you a reason to enjoy more time around the table with the ones you love.  Be watching closely to our website, for more details soon! 


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