Yes, Please! - 1/8th beef (approx. 50 lbs.)

Yes, Please! - 1/8th beef (approx. 50 lbs.)

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The Yes, Please! package is 1/8 of beef and comes with approximately 50 lbs. of assorted meats.

Our beef at Bachman Family Farms is:

  • Dry-aged to perfection for 21 days
  • Certified Grass-Fed
  • Pasture-Raised from birth on our family's farm
  • 100% Antibiotic Free
  • Animal Welfare Approved
  • Free of any kind of growth hormones or any added hormones
  • Delivered from Our Farm to Your Front Door



The Yes, Please! package may include: - (20-25 lbs.) Ground beef, 1/3 hamburger patties, and/ or Stew Meat. - (5-15 lbs.) Assorted Steaks like Round Steak, Flat Iron Steak, and/ or Skirt Steak. - (4-6 lbs.) Roast and/ or Brisket. - (5 lbs.) Rib-Eye Steak and/ or KC Strip Steak. - (2-4 lbs.) Sirloin Steaks. - (1 lb.) Filet Mignon Steaks.

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