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Our beef at Bachman Family Farms is:
- Dry aged to perfection for 21 days
- 100% Grass-Fed and 100% Grass-Finished
- Pasture Raised from birth on our family's farm
- 100% Antibiotic free
- Free of any kind of added hormones or steroids
- Delivered from Our Farm to Your Front Door

A Roast is the classic crock pot meat, excellent for family dinners or to be ready in the crock pot at the end of the day; it becomes tender and moist when cooked slowly. We have Chuck Roast, Pikes Peak Roast, Rump Roast, Arm Roast and Tri-Tip roast. 

- (1) Roast. Perfect for making a pot roast, a slow cooked dinner, or sliced for sandwich meat.